Faithfulness can change the world

People who are faithful to God’s call can change the world. Sometimes that faithful work means years of quiet, even solitary obedience. But sometimes it means actively welcoming others whose pilgrim journey is taking them in the same direction.⁠
Last night our dear friends and mentors Alan and Tricia Graham stopped for dinner on their way out of town. The Grahams founded Mobile Loaves & Fishes (@mobileloaves) more than twenty years ago, and the work they have done for the homeless in Austin has inspired communities around the world.⁠
More than a decade ago, their “yes” changed the life of my husband, who had been called by God to farm with the poor, and was looking for a home for that work. When Steven and I met and married a few years later, we began our life together at Community First! Village, the master-planned community for the chronically homeless. It’s not an understatement to say that our lives–our marriage–owe much to the faithfulness of the Grahams. ⁠
As Steven and I prepare for a new season (sign up for our newsletter at the link in bio if you want to hear more about that), I’ve been thinking a lot about our days at the Village. The five years we spent there were homecoming, crisis, and pilgrimage all at once. It was the field in which I found a pearl of great price – a picture of what it means to meet Christ by welcoming those the world has rejected.⁠
We’ve moved away from the Village two years ago, and I’m ready to start telling some of the stories from my time there. I’ll start a highlight that I’m calling “Hospitality on Mission” if you want to the find them all.⁠
In the meantime, may you have the grace to be faithful today to the thing God has given you, no matter how small or hidden it might seem.⁠

Published by Bethany Joy

Radical homemaker, renegade PhD. Let's be friends and change the world. Austin, Texas

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